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Best Online Free courses for Facebook Ads 2024

  • By Robin

In your quest for digital supremacy, you will try out a few things, and if you have tried out Google, the chances are you are also trying out Facebook (Metaverse? Kinda sounds funny) in the same vein. But somehow, over the years, I believe that FB gets a step-motherly treatment from marketers because a large portion of a typical PPC budget is still skewed towards Google PPC. But that does mean you could rule out FB.

Facebook Ads operates at the same level as Google Ads. Of course, bidding and campaigns structuring are a lot different. But I must say, I found Facebook ads simple to use and a lot less complicated.

From a digital strategy point of view, marketers need to invest in the right platform to expand their reach or acquire leads. For instance, if a cosmetic brand wants to reach out to a younger audience, Instagram Ads would be the ideal choice, not Google Ads. That said, they would still invest in Google Ads, but in all probability, their investments would be more in Instagram than Google.

So what’s the best online tutorial for Facebook Ads?


There are many out there, but I would like to review a couple of channels.

The first one goes by the name Ben Heath

  1. Channel ID:
  2. Nos. of Subs: 83.4K 
  3. Joined 28 Jan 2016
  4. Most recent video: 5 Nov 2021

Now, Ben’s channel is dedicated to Facebook Advertising. There are around 350+ Facebook advertising-related videos, and most of them Ben covers are from the very basic to advanced topics like FB Lookalikes, attribution, etc. Most of the videos are in-depth, and Ben has a way of explaining these topics in a style that’s easy to get. 

So who are these tutorials for? If you are new to FB ads. Ben’s videos are a great place to start. And, you could work your way to the top to heap after a couple of weeks. Suffice to say that Ben caters to all levels. 

The length of his videos is 10-15 minutes long, and he does not cram a lot in those videos. From my experience, an ideal way to go through these videos, and if you have a FB ads account, you could practice your skills there. There is always a temptation to go through videos in a wink, which might not help as you are bound to miss important stuff. Also helpful is the Fb Ad help page – it’s pretty comprehensive and gives a good understanding of FB Ads. 

Some of the topics covered on Facebook Ads by Ben that I found interesting: 

  1. How to set up a FB business Manager account
  2. How long does it take to succeed with FB Ads? 
  3. How to create your first Instagram Ad Campaign
  4. How many FB Ads should I run? 
  5. The new Facebook Lookalike Audience Approach

The one thing I liked about Ben is that he answers comments! And that’s what good creators are all about. 

Here’s another channel that works for me. Wes McDowell. Now, Wes’ channel does not exclusively focus on FB Ads. But a search on his videos, and you will find a few good ones in there. 

  1. Channel ID:
  2. FB related videos:  Click here
  3. Nos. of Subs: 154K
  4. Joined: 8 Nov 2015
  5. Most recent video: 3 Nov 2021. 

Wes’ channel focuses on small businesses, so you are likely to find several other videos in there, like ’10 Best WordPress Plugins for Small Business, and videos like these, ‘The Perfect Google Local SEO Footprint.’

His tutorials are around 20 minutes, but some videos could be as long as an hour. Wes has an effortless style of teaching and is focused on his subject. The animations accompanying his tutorials are also good and not distracting. 

If you are new to Facebook ADs, you’ll probably have to hunt on this channel to get to the tutorial you need. But let’s say you run a small business and need to work with more than one took ket, i.e., SEO, Pay Per Click, or even building your WordPress site; Wes’ channel is where your search ends. By the way, apart from the hacks, Wes talks about some excellent tools as well. Like Flick.Tech, it’s a tool that finds, manages, and analyzes Insta hashtags.  

Some of the topics covered by Wes that I found interesting: 

  1. Five Minute Instagram Growth Hacks – Some easy, proven Instagram tactics that won’t eat up your whole day!
  2. Email Marketing for Small Businesses: What’s hot in 2021 – You’ll learn how to get emails opened. How to get them to read. AND how to turn email marketing into actual revenue.
  3. 2021 Facebook Business Page Tutorial For Beginners – This Facebook business page tutorial video will guide you in creating your Facebook business page that truly works. 
  4. Hot Facebook Business Page Tips to Get More Customers – 10 Facebook business page tips will take you from “good enough” to “hot damn!” in just a few minutes!
  5. How to write FB ads that convert like crazy – Facebook ads that convert in 2020 and beyond. Finally, make Facebook ads work your YOUR business.

Other Facebook Ad tutorials you could reference

  1. How to increase FB engagement in 2021 – LYFE Marketing (187,037 views)
  2. Complete FB Ads tutorials for beginners in 2021 – Andrew Ethan Zang (138K Views)
  3. How to skyrocket your organic reach on FB – Social Media Examiner (81K views)

I hope you enjoyed reading these reviews. Stay Calm!