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We are looking for talented, forward-thinking people

We’re looking for people who can take direction and find creative and efficient ways to get there. We’re looking for solid and self-disciplined individuals who can take the initiative, trust their gut feelings, and welcome the flexibility to implement their ideas. 

Qualities that we look for? Apart from the usual, which we believe you have, humor (and a hearty laugh) is a big part of our day, and of course, Cricket, IPL, F1…

It’s about the people, Not the positions.

We want you to learn, grow and gain experience every day. So we’ll always support, train and reward you. Because when you succeed, we all do. At Pivot, you will learn daily and live and breathe challenges that influence growth and revenues.  

You will work with global corporations or startups, fulfilling or enabling their growth or transformation mission. The perks? You will have the opportunity to work with some of the best people in the business from the most diverse backgrounds. So, what you get are unbounded responsibility and unlimited learning.