Customer Journey

Nayara Energy , ITW


October 2018

focus areas

App Development , Event Consulting

Nayara's conference delegates embark on a Digital Journey with Pivot

Nayara Energy had its annual business conference in Abu Dhabi, which included its top sales and marketing executives and their leading Fuel Distribution Partners.


The brief to the Pivot team was to conceptualize exciting ideas to engage the delegates in mapping their conference journey digitally.


Our team came up with the idea of creating a customized App for the Conference. The app had several interesting features

  • Digital Bulletin Board
  • Delegates could share their pictures & memorable moments and receive likes and comments
  • Broadcast announcements from organizers
  • Daily Contests and quizzes to engage delegates
  • Smart Inbox for sharing tickets, itinerary, private messages, etc.
  • Smart Intercom
  • Smart visitor management by pre-approving delegates.
  • Online Feedback forms and analysis of the same


Despite multiple challenges, the main one being limited time availability and multiple revisions required by the client and managing approvals from the app stores, we were able to pull off the launch of the app in time for the Conference and was much appreciated by the Client and the Event Agency.

Areas we influence

social collaboration

Digital Bulletin Board. Share  pictures , moments , like , comment.
Choose to enable / disable comments.

smart inbox

For private communication
Tickets, notices, itinerary.
Broadcast capability for Admins

smart intercom

Full-featured EPABX
On your smartphone
Number Privacy, DND , Caller ID

workflows & payments

Create tasks / Contests
Organize Polls  / Events
Make payments for Bills, Orders 

special chats

Group Chats DM
Create special - purpose forums
One-One Chats

phygital security

Smart visitor management
Digital visitor register
Pre-approve visitors