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Godrej Consumer Products  Ltd- Cinthol


November , 2019


Celebrity and Influencer Marketing, Social Media, Event Management,  Public Relations, Consumer Activation

Godrej Cinthol  had  launched  two new variants  for Cinthol Lime with a new campaign : “Two Awesome Ways to Turn Down the Heat”.   This was promoted through a  Digital contest  asking for consumer entries of photos/videos for adventurous ways of staying fresh from the heat –  We used the young and super talented , upcoming star test cricketer , Shubman Gill  to promote the contest . Along with this , a few other youth micro influencers  were used to promote the campiagn and contest  .The contest culminated with the winners from across India being invited to Mumbai  to spend a day full of adventure activities along with Shubman  and the other micro-influencers . 

The Event was held at a leading club in Mumbai . To make the event  even more  super exciting for the winners ,  we planned a new Game called Octopush , which is basically an under water hockey game . The winners as well as the micro-influencers were split in 2 teams – The Cinthol Lime team and the Cinthol Cool team in line with  the 2 brand variants. Moreover , the contestants were provided with scuba gear and trained by a senior team of professional scuba divers . The thrill of competing in a fast paced under-water game and being cheered on by Shubman Gill , made the event even more gratifying for the constestants . The event culminated with a press conference with Shuban Gill yalking about his assosciation with the brand .


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